Dear residents and friends,

This month we would like to welcome all the new residents at RBW dorm, as especially one week before the semester starts, many students just moved in. At this point, we would like to inform you, that if you have any questions regarding the dorm or you would like to get connected with other students you are welcome to send us a mail: In our regular NEWSLETTER, we would like to inform you what is recently going on in your dorm!

  1. Corona-News
  2. RBW-survey
  3. Wohnheimrat” (dormitory council) this Sunday at 7pm
  4. Meet and Greet every Tuesday 7pm-9pm on Discord
  5. Corona-News
    • 7-day-incidence in lower saxony (07.04.2021): 88.
    • 7-day-incidence in Göttingen (07.04.2021): 60.
    • Depending on the 7-day-incidence the restrictions are taken away or could be even increased (, corona5540.html): o 7-day-incidence <35: People of 3 households can meet, max. 10 people in total o 7-day-incidence 35-100: People of 2 households can meet, max. 5 people --> As we are now in this range, please try to follow these rules! o 7-day-incidence >100: People of one household plus one more person can meet
    • Please keep in mind to wear the face mask whenever you are in the Stairhall or floors
  6. RBW-survey

We would like to thank you all for your participation and feedback at our survey:

  • As requested from many residents, we are going to make more

online-activities/ meetings etc. via Discord possible in the following semester! Stay tuned

  • As they were also complaints about noise disturbance after 2 am and not wearing masks at the stair halls, we would like to request you to respect and follow the rules. Especially right now as many students have to study at their room or even have to work at night, it is important to respect each other and keep noise disturbances even at daytime as low as possible. We thank you for your cooperation
  • If you have troubles to recycle properly, please contact us mayors as well. We would like to help you in order to reduce the improper dumping, which still happens unfortunately.
  • We think there was also a misunderstanding. We do not suggest collecting evidence against other students for law enforcement if they break rules. We always suggest talking as the first activity to inform or warn the person or group that their behaviour is improper. But if the rules are broken from the same person or people again and again and even we as mayors cannot help, we inform the administration as the next step but informing the police is also for us the very last step, as it may have nasty consequences. Hence, we suggest this procedure if there are complaints: 1. Talk with the person --> (if the person does not react) contact the “Belegausschuss”--> (if this still did not help) contact the mayors --> Administration...
  • Further results of the survey will be given in the next NEWSLETTER
    1. Wohnheimrat” (dormitory council) this sunday As you may have seen in the invitation of Brian Olinski (1. Wohnheimssprecher) to the dormitory council, we also would like to inform and invite you on Sunday 11.04.2021 at 7 pm to the online meeting, where new tutors are going to be elected. Everyone is invited to take part or even stand for election for one of the tutor positions. Here you can find the responsibilities of the tutors: The self-administration is made up of residents who voluntarily work as tutors or as members of committees to improve life at RBW for all residents. To compensate for the time they put in, they receive 10€ per month and the semester is not counted towards the maximum period of residence. Furthermore, we are also looking for spokespersons “Flursprecher” for each floor in each house, who are representing their floor. There are several reasons why you should become a spokesperson, which you can find here: The procedure of how to apply for that position is also described at the link above. We hope to see/hear as many residents at the online-meeting as possible! Thanks a lot in advance!
    2. Meet and Greet every Tuesday 7pm-9pm on Discord We would like to apologize at this point, as we gave wrong information about the initiators of the “Meet and Greet” on the Discord-Server every Tuesday. The initiators are our culture tutor Alexander Ohm and game tutor Eva Hermeling. We thank you both for your efforts! Everyone is invited to join and especially for all the new residents, it is a great opportunity to meet and get connected to people of the dorm:

Thanks a lot for your cooperation! Stay healthy!

Your Mayors on behalf of the self-administration

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