The self-administration is made up of residents who voluntarily work as tutors or as members of committees to improve life at RBW for all residents. To compensate for the time they put in, they receive 10€ per month and the particular semester is not counted towards the maximum period of residence.

If you're interested in joining the self-administration, just write an email to or stop by at one of the upcoming meetings of the tutors or the dormitory council. New people with great ideas are always welcome!

list of current tutors

1st mayor (
2nd mayor (
1st dormitory council spokesperson (
2nd dormitory council spokesperson (
media tutors (
workroom tutor (
bicycle tutor (
integration tutor (
sports tutor (
games tutor (
culture tutor (
gardening tutor (
BA chairperson (
BA members (
checking committee (
internet tutors (
cash checkers (
voting assistant (

duties of the tutors

A short description of the tutors' duties is given below. More details can be found (in German language) in our regulations; you can alternatively contact the current tutors (see list above) or find out more by visiting one of the meetings.


media tutor

culture tutor

games tutor

sports tutor

integration tutor

workroom tutor

internet tutors

bicycle tutor

gardening tutor

dormitory council spokespersons

BA (residency committee)

controlling committee

transfer protocol

Here you can find the current transfer protocol for tutors as PDF or DOCX