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Dear residents and friends,

as there were requests in our last survey to update you not only through our WhatsApp-Group but also through E-Mail, we are trying to do it on a regular basis as a newsletter. The following topics have been collected over the last few weeks:

  1. RBW-survey
  2. Corona-News
  3. Share-Point-Room
  4. New games for you to borrow
  5. New instruments for you to rent
  6. Printing service
  7. Renovation of the gym-room and other rooms
  8. New notices on the notice boards at the entrance hall
  9. Meet and Greet every Tuesday 7pm-9pm on Discord
  10. Correct recycling of rubbish
  11. RBW-survey

As only 25 of 300 residents filled our survey and our goal is to cover at least 25% of the residents, we would highly appreciate if you could fill out the following survey for us (which will only take 2 min of your time). This way we can improve ourselves and the service in the dorm. All opinions, negative or positive, are welcome! https://surveyheart.com/form/600a528db3a41052b664dc

Thanks a lot in advance!

  1. Corona-News
    • 7 - day-incidence in lower saxony (15.03.2021): 79.
    • 7 - day-incidence in Göttingen (15.03.2021): 32. 2
    • Depending on the 7-day-incidence the restrictions are taken away or could be even increased https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/niedersachsen/Corona-Diese-Regeln-gelten-jetzt-in-Niedersachsen,corona5540.html: o 7 - day-incidence <35: People of 3 households can meet, max. 10 people in total o 7 - day-incidence 35-100: People of 2 households can meet, max. 5 people o 7 - day-incidence >100: People of one household plus one more person can meet
    • Please keep in mind to wear the face mask whenever you are in the stairways. This includes walks to the kitchens too.
  2. Share-Point-Room

Recently, people who are moving out just place their stuff in the hallway, which is not acceptable and a problem regarding fire protection. We have created a room especially for this purpose, which you can find

in house 12 on the 3. Floor (it’s signed on the door). Furthermore, please only put things there which people still can use. Please do not put any used hygiene- or opened food products and no rubbish (unfortunately this is also happening recently more and more). Keep the room tidy and clean at all times. If this does not work out well, we have to close the room otherwise. Regarding things, which cannot be used by others (such as broken things), please put them outside between house 10 and 12 next to the car- parking assigned for bulk garbage – not inside the concrete frames. Thanks a lot for your consideration and cooperation.

  1. New games to borrow

We have bought new games for you to borrow, which are available now. These are:

  • “Arschkarte”
  • Codenames: Pictures
  • Exploding Kittens
  • “Blitzdings”

You can find a list of available games here on our website: https://www.rosenbachweg.de/de/selbstverwaltung/spiele_list.pdf

If you are interested to borrow games please contact our games tutor Eva: spiele@rosenbachweg.de

  1. New instruments for you to rent

Since the last week we offer instruments for rent. For now, we have a piano, 2 guitars and accessories which you can borrow for one week. The rental cost is: 2 €/ week plus 25€ deposit. For further information please contact the 2. Mayor: Jeff (01779075283)

  1. Printing service

Starting this month, we offer a printing-service. Unfortunately, due to duplex-printing has to be done manually, we are only able to offer one-sided printing. The cost for one paper in black is 5 cents and for color is 10 cents. Please contact the mayors if you are interested

  1. Renovation of the gym

Since the common rooms (gym-, pool-, music-room etc.) have to stay closed, we are using the time to renovate the rooms for you at the moment. Please have patience, we will inform you as soon as we are allowed to reopen them!

  1. New notices on the notice boards at the entrance hall

We are going to replace the notices on the notice boards at the entrance hall of all houses. An example you can find now in house 4. At the moment we are collecting improvement suggestions until April. If you have some suggestions, please write the mayors for that or write it in our survey:


  1. Meet and Greet every Tuesday 7pm-9pm on Discord

Our dormitory Discord-Server is now available to connect with other residents here in this dorm. On Tuesdays our integration-tutors offer online-games and time to talk as well on this server. Please contact the mayors or integration-tutors to enter the server – or simply follow this invite link:


  1. Correct recycling of rubbish

Unfortunately, there is still a problem with proper recycling of the rubbish. Especially in the organic container (green) we often find plastic bags (excluding the recyclable ones used by the cleaning company) and things which do not belong there. Please consider, that this waste is used to produce soil. Furthermore, not everything which is made of paper, belongs to the paper container (blue)! For example, milk-, tomato- sauce-, beverage- cartons etc. are composites and belong to the yellow containers. Please also keep in mind, that not everything made out of plastic belongs to the yellow containers (for example toothbrushes, disposable razors etc. belong to the residual waste). We know it is complicated, but it is important in order to keep our planet clean! You can find further information here: https://www.muelltrennung-wirkt.de/muelltrennung-richtig/liste/

If you are not sure, you can always ask your floor speakers, Erasmus-tutors or us mayors for help!

Thanks a lot for your cooperation!

Stay safe and healthy!

Your Mayors and self-administration

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